SofLens Daily Disposable

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SofLens Daily Disposable

As a result of the impressive ComfortMoist technology behind SofLens Daily Disposable, you’ll be hard-pressed finding a more comfortable contact lens.

Created by Bausch + Lomb, these daily disposable contact lenses are the perfect option for working professionals or those with busy lifestyles. Enjoy a comfortable wear from morning till evening with SofLens Daily Disposable, the thin and smooth contact lens packed in slow-release solution. Those susceptible to the dry eye will find these contacts an effective and convenient option for their visual requirements.

Able to correct short-sightedness and long-sightedness, SofLens Daily Disposables feature High Definition Optics to make sure your vision is as clear and crisp as possible. Interruptions such as blurs, glares, and halos will be a thing of the past, even as the day stretches on, with these lenses.

As well as being a lens so comfortable that you’ll barely feel you’re wearing them, SofLens Daily Disposables provide freedom from a lens care routine. You won’t have to clean and store them in the MPS solution overnight, as you can simply throw your lenses away before bed each night, then apply a new pair in the morning.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Outstanding all-day comfort that is preferred to competitive daily disposable lenses
  • High Definition Optics helps reduce the appearance of blurriness, halos, and glare across a full range of conditions
  • No daily cleaning, storage, or care required; wear them for a day, then, throw them away
Product details
Manufacturer: Bausch & Lomb
Type of Lens: Hydrogel
Country Of Manufacture: Ireland
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 59%
Number of lens per Box : 30pcs
Replacement Schedule: Daily Disposables
Material: hilafilcon B
Manufacturing Process: Cast Mold
Oxygen Permeability: 22.0 Dk/t @ -3.00D
UV filter: No
Power Range (diopter): -1.00 to -6.00 (0.25 steps) -6.50 to -9.00 (0.25 steps)
Design: High Definition Optics - an aspheric design that reduces spherical aberration over a range of powers
Center Thickness: 0.09 mm @ -3.00D
Optical Zone: 9.0 mm @ -3.00D
Visibility Tint Yes (Light Blue)

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