Biotrue ONEday

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Biotrue ONEday

Bausch + Lomb are one of the most reputable contact lens manufacturers in the world and with Biotrue ONEday lenses it’s easy to see why. Perfect for those who often work long days sat at the computer, these wettable daily disposable contact lenses ensure dry eye and irritation are never a concern.

A high water content of 78% keeps your eyes hydrated from the moment you apply your lenses till the very end of the day when you remove and dispose of them. Studies have even shown that the lenses can retain up to 98% of their moisture for as long as 16 hours of wear.

Biotrue ONEday makes use of High Definition Optics to offer crisp and clear vision at all distances. In addition, the lenses are highly breathable, allowing a welcome amount of oxygen to reach your eye throughout the day.

Bausch + Lomb have created Biotrue ONEday to act alongside the eye’s natural biology. The lenses mimic the lipid layer of your eye’s tear film, while the water content matches that of your cornea. Designed as if they were an eye, Biotrue ONEday lenses keep their shape and exceptional moisture level throughout the entire day, never letting you down.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Mimics lipid layer of the tear film to prevent dehydration for all day comfort.
  • Matches the water content of the cornea, to support incredible comfort.
  • Meets the oxygen level that an open eye needs to maintain healthy, white eyes.
  • High Definition Optics for crisp, clear vision — all day and into the evening.
  • UV protection to help protect eyes along with sunglasses.
Product details
Manufacturer: Bausch + Lomb
Brand: Biotrue
Country Of Manufacture: Ireland
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 78%
Number of lens per Box : 30pcs
Replacement Schedule: Daily Disposable
Material: nesofilcon A
Manufacturing Process: Cast Mold
Oxygen Permeability: 42 Dk/t @ center for -3.00D
UV filter: Yes (95% UVB, 50% UVA)
Power Range (diopter): -0.50D to -6.25D (in 0.25D steps) -6.50D to -9.00D (in 0.50D steps)
Core Modulus: 0.49MPa
Center Thickness: 0.1mm @ -3.00D
Optical Zone: 9.0mm @-3.00D
Visibility Tint Yes (Light Blue)

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