Causes of Discomfort for Contact Lens Wearer - 24/11/2017

Contact lens wearers tend to suffer from eye problems ranging from mild discomfort to severe eye complications. Any discomfort should not be taken lightly as it may worsen and cause worse problems for your eyes such as infections, decreased vision, and blindness which would require medical attention. 

Contact Lenses for Children/Teenagers? - 27/10/2017

The interest to wear contact lenses is the triggering factor that led to subsequent processes such as researching about contact lenses, choosing contact lenses and maintenance of contact lenses. So what is the suitable age to start wearing contact lenses?

Cosmetic Contact Lenses - 10/11/2017

Other than the common conventional/colourless contact lenses that people usually wear for vision correction, there is also the cosmetic lenses which include colour contact lenses, fashion contact lenses and other lenses that change the appearance of your eyes which is what we usually see on the big screen. There are two categories of these lenses: prescription lenses and plano lenses which do not have lens power for vision correction.

How to Deal with Discomfort Caused By Contact Lenses - 29/12/2017

Contact lens wearers tend to suffer from eye problems such as dry eyes, blurred vision, itching of eyes and redness of eyes. So what can we do about it? What are the remedies for these discomforts? 

Maintenance of Contact Lenses - 13/10/2017

With regards to disposable contact lenses, cleaning and maintenance are required. This is to reduce and avoid the possibility of eye infection as soft lenses absorb your tears which are more likely to contain protein deposits and harbor bacteria. 

New to Contact Lenses? Here is how you choose. - 18/08/2017

New to contact lenses? Dilemma in making decisions? Too many options to choose from? The same goes for choosing contact lenses. There are many different types of contact lenses available on the market. The amount of choices are often overwhelming and complicated if you are new to contact lenses because each type of lenses have their own pros and cons. 

Soft Lens VS Hard Lens - 15/09/2017

Similar to their name, hard contact lenses are hard in nature and soft contact lenses are soft in nature. Why is that so? How do we differentiate these two types of contact lenses? 

Types of Disposable Contact Lenses - 29/09/2017

The common types are the daily disposable contact lenses, monthly disposable contact lenses and annually disposable contact lenses. All of them have a common factor, which is their replacement schedule. As mentioned, these are disposable contact lenses, which means that they have a replacement schedule of their own.