Bausch + Lomb ULTRA

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Bausch + Lomb ULTRA

Bausch + Lomb ULTRA™ is the latest innovation in monthly contact lenses made of silicone hydrogel material from Bausch + Lomb.

Experience the new standard of freshness now with Bausch + Lomb ULTRA™ & discover the ultimate moisture storage for fresh eyes, no matter how long your day lasts!

Thanks to an innovative manufacturing process, we've successfully combined long- and short-chain silicones in a unique formula to ensure that your eyes are supplied with plenty of oxygen. Moreover, Moisture Seal™ technology provides the contact lens with an integrated wetter called polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) for moisture storage, so that Bausch + Lomb ULTRA™ minimises deposits, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Special features

  • High water content and long-lasting moisture binding for a pleasantly fresh feeling from morning till night
  • High oxygen supply for your eyes
  • Comfortable wearability throughout the entire day
  • Clear, sharp vision, even in the dark
Product details
Manufacturer: Bausch + Lomb
Type of Lens: Silicone Hydrogel
Base Curve: 8.5mm
Diameter: 14.2mm
Water Content: 46%
Number of lens per Box : 3pcs
Replacement Schedule: Monthly Disposable
Material: samfilcon A
Oxygen Permeability: 163 Dk/t @ centre for -3.00D
UV filter: No
Power Range (diopter): -0.50 to -6.00 (0.25 steps) -6.50 to -12.00 (0.50 steps)
Design: Aspherical Optics with Moisture Seal™
Core Modulus: 0.7 MPa
Center Thickness: 0.07mm @ -3.00D
Optical Zone: 9.0 mm @ -3.00D
Visibility Tint Yes (Light Blue)

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