FreshKon N-HANCE Toric

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FreshKon N-HANCE Toric

FreshKon® N-HANCE Toric Disposable contact lenses offer you the comfort of soft lenses and the convenience of disposables in one easy solution.
They are designed to fit our eyes perfectly, so you get maximum comfort while wearing them. Advanced back surface toric design, excellent stability and superior lens optics all come together to provide better visual performance that you can always rely on.Superior design and super thin edge to offer maximum comfort

Key Features & Benefits:
  • Great visual performance in low and high contrast environments
  • Good adherence eyes, ensuring a great fit
  • Excellent overall stability and lens optics lend exceptional visual acuity
  • Visibility tinted blue

Cylinder -2.25 available axes 10, 170, 180
Axes  10, 20, 160, 170, 180 ~~  Waiting period 2 to 3 weeks
Axes   80, 90, 100       ~~      Waiting period 5 to 6 weeks
Product details
Number of lens per Box : 6pcs