clariti 1day toric

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clariti 1day toric

Clariti 1 day toric contact lenses, by optical specialists CooperVision, are the only silicone hydrogel daily disposable lenses available for those with astigmatism. This means that wearing these lenses not only provide you with clear and consistent vision, they also ensure that plenty of oxygen reaches your eyes for both a healthy look and feel. The soft silicone hydrogel provides a secure and comfortable fit, helping to keep your eyes irritation-free all day.

Clariti 1 day toric contact lenses make use of CooperVision’s WetLoc™ technology for a lens that naturally attracts and binds water molecules to the surface. This is perfect if you suffer from dry eyes as these lenses are adept at retaining moisture and providing a comfortable and hydrated wearing experience. Clariti 1 day toric also include UV blocking to provide an extra barrier against potentially harmful exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Convenient daily replacement schedule
  • The healthy advantages of silicone hydrogel lenses
  • Vision correction for astigmatism
  • WetLoc™ technology keeps eyes hydrated all day
  • UVA and UVB protection
Product details
Manufacturer: CooperVision
Type of Lens: Silicone Hydrogel
Country Of Manufacture: Hungary
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 14.3mm
Water Content: 56%
Number of lens per Box : 30pcs
Replacement Schedule: Daily Disposable
Material: somofilcon A
Manufacturing Process: Cast Mold
Oxygen Permeability: 57 Dk/t @ centre for -3.00D
UV filter: Yes
Power Range (diopter): Plano to -6.00 (0.25 steps) -6.50 to -9.00 (0.50 steps)
Cylinder/Addition: -0.75, -1.25, -1.75, -2.25
Axis: 10°, 20°, 90°, 160°, 170°, 180°
Design: Aspheric back surfaces
Core Modulus: 0.5 MPa
Center Thickness: 0.105mm @-3.00D
Visibility Tint Yes
Orientation Mark: Prism Ballast design with single line at 6 o'clock

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