ColourVUE LUMINA (3 months)

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ColourVUE LUMINA (3 months)

Balanced between beauty and health

Lumina the new exclusive range from ColourVUE, is the result of our extensive research to transform your eye color for an extremely appealing look. Not a simple cosmetic change, Lumina delivers a message and personality.

Express great leadership with Shinning Brown while remaining humble. Be in Radiant Aqua or Sparkling Blue to show you can run the extra mile with a great stamina. If you’re in a joyful mood to express your love, Glowing Grey delivers a perfect message. Bring the vibrancy and compassion wherever you go with a pair of Dazzling Mint.

The ColourVUE cosmetic contact lenses are remarkably comforting on the eye as a result of excellent oxygen permeability. The lenses are manufactured through sandwich method, prevent the color in contact with eyes, ensure safe wearing.

Product details
Number of lens per Box : 2pcs

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