GEO Princess Mimi

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GEO Princess Mimi

GEO Princess Mimi is the lovely and cute MIMI series are the popular lens design in Korea and Japan. Many celebrities are wearing this design. With Mimi, you are one of the 'bling bling' celebrities.

With GEO's Dual Layer Coating Technology, it is 100% guarantees your eyes health. No need to worry about the colorant directly contacting your eyes. This unique technology protects eye health as the colorant is set between two thin transparent layers of lens material made of Polymacon.

Safe, comfortables, lovely designed contact lens is why many celebrities are wearing GEO design color lens. Geo Princess Mimi colored cosmetic lens come in 3 exciting colors and design. Princess Mimi is suitable both for dark and light colored eyes making all eyes can shine with Princess Mimi.

Note :
GREEN WMM-303, BROWN WMM-304 & GREY WMM-305 with power range till -8.00
ALMOND CHOCO XMM-204, BLACK XKP-100 & ORANGE BROWN XKP-304 power range till -6.00

Product details
Number of lens per Box : 2pcs