How To Put In Contact Lenses: #1 Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

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If you have ever considered switching from glasses to contact lenses, you are not alone. It can be a life-changing experience for you. Contact lenses have always been popular as there are numerous benefits. It offers improved peripheral vision freedom from frames and even enhances your appearance.

But there are still many people who need to change to contact lenses. The main reason is that inserting and removing these tiny lenses can be daunting for beginners. The thought of putting something directly into your eye can be intimidating.

If you are new to contact lenses, fear not. There are many small details to note, but there is nothing to worry about. In this article, we will provide valuable tips for putting in lenses as a beginner, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free experience. At the end of this article, you will become a pro in no time.


Understanding Contact Lenses


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Contact lenses are an innovative version correction solution that has transformed the lives of millions worldwide. Before deciding whether to change to contact lenses, you need to understand the types of contact lenses available in the market.

The two main types of contact lenses include soft and rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, each with its own set of characteristics and benefits. Beginners commonly choose soft lenses. They are known for their comfort and ease of adaption. It comes in various forms, including daily, bi-weekly, and monthly disposables.

RGP lenses are made of silicone-containing compounds. They offer excellent visual clarity and durability. You may need time to get used to it, but it provides a more stable fit on the eye.

You need to choose the right lens, and your eye care professional should guide it. The factors affecting your choice include your prescription, lifestyle, and comfort. The choices you make can enhance your daily life. Consult your eye care professional to determine the most suitable lenses.


Preparing For Contact Lenses Application


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Properly preparing for applying lenses is essential to ensure a comfortable and hygienic wearing experience. Before handling your lenses, always begin by washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Proper hand hygiene is critical to prevent dirt, oils, and bacteria from transferring onto the lenses and into your eyes. Dry your hands after washing.

Gather all the necessary supplies and tools for inserting your contact lenses. Having everything within reach will streamline the process and minimize the risk of contamination. Ensure that you have the correct lens within reach. Find a well-lit area with a mirror to see your eyes.

Avoid using moisturizers, creams, or lotions on your hands and face just before handling your lenses, as these can leave residue on your fingers and interfere with the lenses’ cleanliness. Inspect your lenses for any tears, defects, or foreign particles before applying them. Don’t use it if there is any.


Inserting Contact Lenses


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Inserting contact lenses may seem daunting initially, but it becomes a straightforward process with practice and the right techniques. Using your dominant hand, pick up the lens from its storage case using the tip of your index finger. Ensure the lens sits correctly on your fingertip and forms a smooth, bowl-like shape.

With your non-dominant hand, use your fingers to hold up your upper eyelid open gently. It’s essential to keep your eyelashes out of the way. Use your non-dominant hand’s middle or ring finger to hold down your lower eyelid gently. This creates a stable platform for inserting the lens. Gently place the lens on your eyes. Blink a few times to help the lens settle onto your eye’s surface. The lens should now be comfortably positioned.

Remember that inserting contact lenses may feel awkward initially, but it will become a routine task over time. If you continue to experience difficulties or discomfort, don’t hesitate to contact your eye care professional for guidance and assistance.


Remove Contact Lenses


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Removing contact lenses is essential to your daily routine as a contact lens wearer. It is important to do it correctly to avoid any discomfort or damage to your lenses.

Begin with washing your hands thoroughly and dry them well. Use your middle finger to pull down your lower eyelid. This provides a stable platform for the lens removal. Use your index finger of the same hand to pull the lens to the white part of your eyes as you look up.

Then, use your thumb and index finger of your dominant hand to pinch the contact lens and remove it gently. Be careful not to squeeze too hard to avoid damaging the lens.

Disposal lenses can be disposed of immediately. But for bi-weekly or monthly lenses that require storing, use the appropriate contact lens solution as your eye care professional recommends. Practice makes perfect, and you will become more adept at handling your lenses easily and confidently.


Caring Your Contact Lenses


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Proper care and maintenance of your contact lenses are crucial for maintaining clear vision, eye health, and overall comfort.

Always use the contact lens solution recommended by your eye care professional when storing your lenses. After each use, discard the solution in your lens case and refill it with a fresh solution. Never reuse old solutions or “top off” the solution.

Ensure your contact lens case is clean and dry before storing your lenses. Replace your lens case regularly to prevent bacterial buildup.

Also, avoid sleeping with your lenses on unless you have extended-wear lenses specifically prescribed by your eye care professional. Sleeping in lenses designed for daily wear can lead to discomfort and eye problems. Follow the recommended schedule to replace your lenses. Overwearing lenses beyond their prescribed lifespan can lead to complications.

Always have a pair of backup glasses with your current prescription on hand. This is essential if you need to remove your lenses due to discomfort or eye irritation.

In conclusion, becoming a confident contact lens wearer begins with mastering the fundamental skills of handling, cleaning, and storing your lenses. Once you have mastered the skill, it will become second nature, allowing you to enjoy contact lenses’ convenience and clarity.



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