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From brown colour luscious chocolates to warm caramels and golden honey. We have every shade you need to create natural, alluring looks. Take your eye looks to heavenly heights with these on-trend brown contact lenses. With over 50 shades of browns and hazels, ranging from realistic chocolates to bright beiges and light brown contact lenses. These contacts allow you to play with eye makeup and create smouldering eyes.

Brown contact lenses are one of the most versatile color contacts to own. Create a sunlit effect with light brown contact lenses that will both lighten up your look and make your eyes the center of attraction. With chocolate brown natural colored contacts, you can create a deep yet soft look. Forget the heavy eyeshadow and let the cocoa tones accessorize your look. With 2-toned or 4-toned brown lenses, you can add a level of dimension and mystery that makes for a good compliment waiting to happen.