Manage Contact Lens Discomfort With 5 Simple Ways

Contact Lens Discomfort

With the inconvenience that traditional glasses cause, wearing contact lenses is an alternative way to correct your vision. If you have experienced discomfort in wearing contact lenses, you will understand the discomfort you will experience after a long day of wearing them.

Contact lens discomfort may include symptoms like itching, redness, dry eye, and more. It can be problematic. You are not the only one who can manage end-of-day contact lens discomfort. This is something you wouldn’t want it to happen. It can be irritating, and some struggle to manage the situation.

Wearing contact lenses shouldn’t be a problem most of the time. But sometimes, contact lens discomfort can’t be avoided. You shouldn’t ignore it when it occurs, as it could lead to more serious problems. So, what should you do if it happens? This article will explore ways to manage your contact lens discomfort.

Manage Contact Lens Discomfort #1 – Consider Using Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Discomfort

Daily disposable contact lenses have a higher water content and are thinner than extended-wear lenses. They are also more comfortable for wearers. However, wearing disposable contact lenses means replacing them daily, which helps avoid accumulating bacteria and allergens.

Some people may be confused with daily wear and daily disposables. There’s a difference in it. Daily wear refers to those that can be worn for a week or a month but must be removed each night. Daily disposable refers to those that must be discarded daily after being removed from your eye.

Since you will be wearing a fresh contact lens daily, it makes your eyes feel more comfortable and healthier. Other benefits of wearing daily disposable contact lenses include that you don’t need lens care products, they are more affordable, and they are suitable for most people.

Manage Contact Lens Discomfort #2 – Get A Better Fit

Contact Lens Discomfort

Contact lenses are designed to cover the entire cornea, except for gas-permeable lenses. Different sizes and shapes of contact lenses are available on the market. Your eye doctor will examine your eyes to determine the right size.

The examination will take various measurements to determine the perfect fit for your eyes. But even with the examination, it doesn’t mean it will always be ideal. Sometimes, the wrong contact lens size will cause discomfort as it doesn’t fit well on your eyes.

If your discomfort is due to the wrong size of contact lens. You may want to consult your eye doctor. They usually will redo the examination to find a better fit for your eyes.

Manage Contact Lens Discomfort #3 – Take Good Care Of Your Lens

Contact Lens Discomfort

One common reason that will lead to discomfort when wearing contact lenses is that you never take good care of your lenses. A contact lens is something you put into your eyes, and proper care avoids bacteria, allergens, makeup, and other things that stay put on your lens.

Without proper care, your lenses’ ability to perform will be impaired, affecting your eye health. Sometimes, the most minor things, such as not washing your hands before handling your eye contact, will also cause problems. You may ask your doctor about solutions to care for your contact lenses.

Some simple steps to care for your contact lens include

  • Wash and dry your hands before handling your lenses.
  • Don’t wear your lenses to bathe or swim.
  • Unless you are wearing an extended-wear contact lens, or else take out your lens before you sleep.
  • Clean your contact lens case regularly.

Manage Contact Lens Discomfort #4 – Don’t Extend The Life Of Your Lens

Contact Lens Discomfort

Don’t extend the life of your lens to save some money. It will affect your eye health and lead to major issues, such as infection. There is a reason why contact lenses have a limited period: They will degrade once you take them out of the packaging.

There is a time limit depending on the type of contact lens you buy. The common types on the market include daily disposable, bi-weekly, and monthly. You can learn more about each type by asking your eye doctor.

If you wear it longer than it is supposed to, you are exposing your eyes to harmful bacteria. Your eyes will be uncomfortable, leading to dry eye, eye infections, or corneal ulcers. This is the last thing you want to happen. Another thing you need to take note of is that there is an expiration date for each contact lens. Dispose of the contact lens if it has expired. Avoid potential eye issues by avoiding wearing longer than it is supposed to.

Manage Contact Lens Discomfort #5 – Dry Eyes

Contact Lens Discomfort

One common issue most people face when wearing contact lenses is dry eyes. If you consistently have dry eyes, don’t try to self-medicate. Make an appointment with your eye doctor for a check-up.

Dry eyes often happen when your eyes don’t produce enough tears. It is one of the situations that most contact lenses face. It can also be caused by watching too many TV shows or using a computer. Usually, lubricant eye drops can reduce the discomfort.

But, if eye lubricants cannot alleviate your dry eye issues, you could face a more severe issue. Talk to your doctor to discover the problem with your dry eyes.

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