4 Easy Steps To Choose The Right Contact Lens Solutions For Your Routine

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You must admit that contact lenses have given us a lot of convenience. But if you have decided to wear contact lenses, one thing you should pay attention to is keeping your contact lenses clean. Without proper cleaning, they can lead to eye infection or even worse. This is where contact lens solutions play their role.

If you have searched online, you will find many types and brands of contact lens solutions. Finding the right contact lens for your eyes is the same as finding contact lens solutions. Contact lens solutions are used to clean and disinfect your contact lens. You want them to do their work without giving you too many problems.

It is essential to pick the appropriate contact lens solution for your daily use. Don’t worry about getting confused, as we will discuss some tips to help you to find the right contact lens solution to keep your contact lens clean.

Choose The Best Contact Lens Solution #1 – Determine Your Contact Type

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You need to know what type of contact lenses you are using before deciding which contact lens solutions you need. The maintenance of each contact lens is different, so it is essential to determine the type of your contact lens.

Your eye care professional usually advises you on what type of contact lens to use when you have your initial contact lens exam. If you have changed your contact lenses or don’t remember the type of contact lens you wear, you can check with your eye care professional.

The common types of contact lenses include soft lenses, gas-permeable contact lenses, and hybrid contact lenses. Once you determine the type of contact lens you are wearing, you can have a clearer idea of which type of solution you need.

Choose The Best Contact Lens Solution #2 – Understand The Different Contact Lens Solution

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You may be surprised by the types of contact solutions available. It can be overwhelming to make a choice. Most people may opt for those with lower prices or a recognized brand, but this isn’t the right way to get your contact lens solution. You may want to do some research before buying it. However, we will list some of the standard contact lens solutions on the market.

One of the common types is the hydrogen peroxide-based solution. But make sure it is meant to clean your contact lens. Hydrogen peroxide contact lens solutions are specially designed to disinfect and clean your contact lens.

You may want to consider using this solution if you have sensitive eyes or are using rigid gas-permeable lenses. Hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution is free from preservatives, so you won’t have to worry about irritation and allergic reactions.

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Saline solutions are another common type of contact lens solution. But this type of solution is meant to rinse your contact lenses. You still need to clean and disinfect your contact lens before you use it. It is usually paired with hydrogen peroxide.

Another type of solution is the enzymatic protein remover. When you wear your contact lenses, they collect things from your eyes, and you must remove that buildup. The purpose of enzymatic protein remover is to remove those buildup. Check the instructions to find out how often you should use it. It isn’t necessary, but you can check with your eye care professional to find out if you need it.

Another type is the daily cleaning solution, which must be used with other solutions for proper cleaning. A daily cleaning solution disinfects your contact lenses and can never touch your eyes. You need to use other solutions, such as saline solution, to rinse it off.

Many contact lens wearers use multipurpose solutions, which can be used to clean, disinfect, rinse, and store contact lenses. However, ensure that you read the instructions before you use them.

Choose The Best Contact Lens Solution #3 – Understand How To Use It

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Regular cleaning helps eliminate buildup on your contact lenses and keeps them moist and supple. You want to use the best solution to keep your contact lenses clean, but before that, you must understand how to use the solution.

Each solution will have instructions on using it to clean your contact lenses. Make sure you read through and fully understand the instructions. If you need any help, consider asking your eye care professional.

Choose The Best Contact Lens Solution #4 – Assess After Using It

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After understanding the type of contact lens solutions and how to use them, you can decide which type of solution you want. But, you may need to go through trial and error when using the solution for the first time.

Some people may feel irritation after using the solution. Consider comparing the ingredient lists, as you may find some differences. Certain ingredients may irritate your eyes, so watch out for them. You may also ask your eye care professional to suggest another type or brand.

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