Contact Lens 101: Dos and Don’ts for Hygienic Lens Wear

Contact lenses are a vital part of vision correction, providing a convenient alternative to traditional eyewear. To maximize their benefits, it’s crucial to adopt proper hygiene routines. This guide explores the dos and don’ts of contact lenses, ensuring hygienic wear and minimizing the risk of infections. Whether you’re a seasoned wearer or new to contact lenses, understanding these practices is essential for optimal eye health.


1. Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

A crucial step in maintaining hygienic contact lens wear is frequent and thorough handwashing, especially before handling lenses. Use a mild, fragrance-free soap and water, and dry your hands with a lint-free towel to prevent the transfer of dirt or debris to the lenses.

2. Use Recommended Cleaning Solutions

Following the instructions from your eye care professional when it comes to choosing cleaning and disinfecting solutions, different types of contact lenses may require specific solutions so its important to use those tailored to the lens type to maintain cleanliness and extend their lifespan.

3. Clean Your Lens Case Regularly

The lens case plays a vital role in maintaining lens hygiene. Rinse it with the recommended solution everyday and let it air dry. To prevent bacterial growth, replace the lens case every three months. Cleaning the cases regularly will also ensure a safe environment for the lenses. 

4.Follow the Replacement Schedule

Following the prescribed replacement schedule for contact lenses is important whether its for daily, bi-weekly or even monthly lenses, following the recommended timeline prevents discomfort and reduces the risk of eye infections that are commonly associated with overwearing lenses. 

5. Remove Lenses Before Swimming

Remove contact lenses before swimming, especially in pools, hot tubs, or open water sources, as water may contain harmful microorganisms. This precaution is crucial to avoid introducing potential harm to your eyes.


6. Don’t Sleep with Your Lenses

Even though there are lenses made for extended wear, in most situations it is advisable to remove them before sleeping. Sleeping with lenses can restrict oxygen flow to the cornea which dries out the eye and increase the risk of discomfort and eye complications. 

7. Avoid Using Saliva or Water for Wetting Lenses

Saliva and tap water contains bacteria that will lead to infections, never use these liquids to wet your lenses. Stick to the recommended saline solution or rewetting drops for safe and effective lens hydration 

8. Don’t Mix Old and New Solution

Regularly empty lens cases of any old remaining solutions before refilling it. Additionally, mixing old and new solutions compromises the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfecting lenses and introduces harmful bacteria. Therefore, avoid combining them to ensure optimal lens hygiene.

9. Avoid Using Expired Lenses

Expired lenses may lose sterility, posing a risk to eye health. Always avoid wearing and discard contact lenses that surpass their expiry date, even if they appear undamaged and remain within their packaging.

10. Don’t Share Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are personal items made specifically to an individual’s eyes. Sharing them with others increases the risk of spreading infections and may not be suitable for someone else’s eyes.

Following proper contact lens routine is essential for maintaining clear vision and preventing potential eye complications. Incorporate these dos and don’ts into your daily routine for a comfortable and safe contact lens experience. Prioritize your eye health, taking a significant step towards its long-term preservation. If you have concerns or questions about contact lens hygiene, consult your eye care professional for personalized advice or explore our related blogs for more information.

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