Top 6 Reasons Why Lens Is The Best For You!

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Natural Field of Vision

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Lens are able to provide one a wider and natural field of view during usage. Since lenses conform to the shape of your eyes, there is no hindrance compared to using physical glasses. The lens used follows the movement of the eyes, which allows the user to see clearly without the presence of any blockages due to the frame or structure of physical glasses. The likelihood of having your vision interrupted or blocked is significantly decreased when you opt to use contact lens. If the absence of a hindrance is a top aspect for you when comes to choosing your preferred type of eyewear, then using lens could be a good solution.

Comfort and Convenience

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Lens and glasses provide differing experiences when it comes to comfort and convenience. You can carry lenses around easily in purses or bags. A lens case is small and compact in size; therefore, it does not take up much space when stored. Furthermore, if you have access to more than 1 set of lens, you can keep a spare with you at all times. Additionally, lens can be a top choice for those practicing a more active lifestyle, especially during sports or when carrying out other vigorous activities. With glasses, there is a higher likelihood that it may slip off your nose when involved in physically demanding activities. Lens; however, tends to remain in its place regardless of the intensity of the activities carried out. When participating in more sports or physical based activities, you can opt for using lens that suit your needs to ensure maximum comfort and practicality while use.

Fashion and Style

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If you are someone that finds it challenging to match your glasses to your style, then converting to lens could be your best option. Glasses frames tend to be a limitation when you are dressing up or down. It may not fit the style you are going for or may stand out like a sore thumb. By using lens, you are able to dress according to the style you are going for without worrying if there would be a mismatch. Unlike physical glasses, lens tend to be more hidden and subtle, especially when you opt for colourless options. Moreover, you can get a multitude of lens in various styles, colours and types. This will help when you when you are trying to cater to your fashion needs. You have the chance of choosing from various different colours and styles and picking one that is the closest to your liking. Coloured contact lenses; for instance, can be a good choice when you are looking to unique looks for events or occasions.

Confidence Boost

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Confidence is a key aspect in daily life and you are able to enhance that with the use of contact lenses. If you are someone that feels more confident in the way you look without glasses, then you can opt for lens as your main option when it comes to vision correction. The application of lenses is directly on the eyes and does not require any additional mechanisms. Glasses on the other hand may be bulky or is not an option that you would prefer wearing for longer periods of time. Switching to contact lenses gives you the room to omit any extra accessories related to vision correcting. This allows you to carry yourself more confidently since you tend to be more comfortable with the way you look. Besides, you do not have to constantly adjust your lens in the same way glasses may require; therefore, giving you more comfort during use.

Prescription and Availability

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There are differing requirements that people tend to have when it comes to vision corrective choices. With lenses, you will most likely be able to find a type that suits your needs and requests. Depending on what issues you are facing, you will be able to find lenses that suit your wants and needs.

Some key aspects that you want to look for may include

  • Customisation

You should be easily accessible to lenses of different types, which are tailored to your needs

  • Flexibility

Choose contact lenses that target your area of concern. You can look for lenses that are able to correct a variety of vision problems.

  • Length of Usage

You can decide if you prefer using disposable lenses or long wear lenses. This can be based on your daily routine as well as personal preference when it comes to the length of usage of your lenses.


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One common occurrence when using glasses is that it tends to fog up, especially if there is a fluctuation in surrounding temperatures. Contact lens generally do not get affected by the change in temperature. Lenses do not fog up or get when the rain just like how glasses may. You can wear lenses comfortably regardless of the weather condition and fluctuations in temperature. This makes them the best choice for you if one of your main concerns was fogging glasses during work or daily use.

Looking for lenses that caters to your needs are requirements should not be a hard task. You can find numerous brands of lenses that may suit your requirements. Some credible brands include ACUVUE, ColourVUE, Freshlook, Olens 1 Day and many others.

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