Contact Lens Fitting: #1 Ultimate Guide To Find The Perfect One

contact lens fitting

Contact lenses have given convenience to those who need a clearer vision, but you can’t just buy them online or anywhere. Contact lens fitting is an important part when you make a decision to wear it. A perfect contact lens fitting allows you to wear your contact lenses without many issues.

Try taking a look at people around you. You will notice the eye shape of each person is different. Even your left eyes will be slightly different from your right eyes. This is why it is important for a contact lens fitting. It helps to fit well into your eyes.

But how many of you understand about contact lens fitting? How do you know the contact lens is the best fit for your vision? In this article, we will find out some of the ways to ensure you get a perfect contact lens fitting for a clearer vision.


The Importance Of Getting Contact Lens Fitting


contact lens fitting


It is important to get a proper fitting for your contact lens as you will wear it directly on your eyes. You won’t be able to see well with a proper fitting. It can also impact your eye’s health if it doesn’t fit well, such as discomfort, irritation, and even infection.

Make an appointment with your optometrist for the best contact lens fitting. Besides taking an eye test for the prescription of your contact lens, they will also measure your eyes’ size and choose the right size of the contact lens for you.

The optometrist or your eye professional can also help you to check for any signs of discomfort. This is to ensure that the contact lens doesn’t cause any problems for you.


Understanding Your Prescription


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When you are looking for the perfect contact lens fitting, you need to understand the prescription for your contact lens. The prescription for your contact lens will be different from your glasses. You will need to rearrange for another eye exam with your optometrist for your contact lens prescription.

Besides, it is best to go for a regular eye exam. It helps to update your prescription and also allows your optometrist to assess the overall health of your eyes. It can affect your choice if you have dry eyes or allergies.

Another reason you need to go for regular eye checks is that your prescription may change as you age. It helps to keep your prescription up-to-date, ensuring that you will have a clear vision when you are wearing the contact lens.


How Do You Know Your Contact Lens Doesn’t Fit?


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When wearing your contact lens, you should have a stable visual acuity. The endpoint should be clear. If it isn’t clear, it may be a sign of poor lens fit. A perfect contact lens fitting allows you to see clearly throughout the day and won’t be affected when you blink.

You can try blinking your eyes when you are wearing your contact lens. The lens may be too steep if you have clearer vision after the blink. The lens may be too flat if your vision gets worse. If you have blurred vision, there may be some changes in your prescription. These are some signs you can take note of when wearing your contact lens; it indicates that you are not wearing the right contact lens.

Another way to know your contact lens doesn’t fit is you will feel discomfort during the beginning when you are wearing your contact lens. It should settle down within the first few minutes. You may try cleaning your lens with a multipurpose solution if to see if there’s any discomfort. If the discomfort still continues, you may want to consult your eye care professional. Contact lenses, like tight lenses, may fit well in the beginning, but they will become discomfort as time passes.

Rotation is another way you can use it to indicate poor fitting. It is similar to the blink test. The lens should be stable when you blink. Unstable rotation indicates the lens is too flat.


Common Problems You Will Face If Wear Contact Lens That Doesn’t Fit Well


contact lens fitting


One of the common problems you will face if the contact lens doesn’t fit well is discomfort and irritation. It is either because the lenses are too tight or too loose. It will rub against the surface of your eyes and cause discomfort. It will persist as long as you wear the contact lens.

Continuous use of contact lenses that don’t fit can have an impact on your eye’s health. It may restrict the oxygen flow and increase the risk of infections and other complications. It may also interfere with the natural circulation of tears, leading to dry eyes. Dry eyes not only impact comfort but also contribute to more severe complications if left undressed.

It can also reduce the effectiveness of vision correction, resulting in blurred or distorted vision. It defeats the purpose of wearing contact lenses and affects the vision to perform your daily tasks.

In conclusion, it may not be easy to find the perfect contact lens fitting. You may consult your eye care professional in advance. The right fit not only allows you to have a clearer vision but also wears it in comfort. Prioritize regular eye check-ups and consider user experience to make a better decision. You deserve the best care for your eyes.



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